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  • Pre-pay Courtesy: A pre-pay courtesy of 5% will be subtracted from the total patient obligation (not from any portion due from an insurance company) if the patient obligation is paid in full when treatment is scheduled. Cannot be combined with any other discount plan.
  • Split Payments: Total patient obligation may be divided as follows: 50% due at the first treatment visit, with the remaining balance split over the remaining visits. This option is only available if the total patient obligation is greater than $500. This option is not available for cosmetic procedures.
  • Extended Payments: For those patients wishing to extend payments, we have contracted with CareCredit. Depending on the amount of the total patient obligation, 3-18 months of interest-free financing is available. Interest is applied if the balance is not paid in full after the interest-free period. You can apply right in our office. CareCredit will usually grant immediate telephone approval.

Please note: Payment for cosmetic procedures is due at the first treatment visit. Extended payments are considered as payment in full for cosmetic procedures. Invisalign/ClearCorrect procedures have their own unique financial menu.

Forms of Payment

You may choose to pay with any of the following (including any combination thereof): Visa, MasterCard, cash, money order, personal check, or bank financing. Balances over 60 days will incur a $3/month billing charge. There is a $20 returned check charge and a $25 administrative fee for any overdue accounts referred to outside agencies for collection.


It is our pleasure to assist you by submitting your insurance claims. In most cases, we will initially only ask you for your estimated co-payment. Please understand this is only an estimate and is based upon the information available to us. In some cases, the insurance company provides us with a schedule of benefits, allowing us to be more accurate.

Important – Please Note

The financial obligation for dental treatment is between you and our office. The insurance company is responsible to you, and not our office. We will assist you in any way we can. Once your carrier has paid the claim, any difference will be due upon receipt of our statement. If for any reason we have not received your insurance payment within 60 days after the claim, the remaining balance will be due and payable by you.

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